Flea Control

Close up of Flea

Since fleas are an intermediate host of dog tapeworm, they can become a danger of children ingesting the infected fleas. One way you can detect the presence of fleas is to place a white sock on the carpet to produce a sample.

Fleas have different life cycles so that is why it is important to treat a certain way to eliminate flea problems. To control fleas, DellPest will need to spray an insecticide with an IGR(Insect Growth Regulator) directly to carpet and certain upholsteries to eliminate them. These products are safe for colored fabrics. We ask the customers to leave the home for 2 hours after this treatment.

The customer is responsible for the following preparation BEFORE we arrive.



You should consult your vet for the best results to eliminate fleas from your pet. We provide services for your structure ONLY.

Do not have your carpet cleaned for at least 3 months after treatment or this could void any warranties. It is best to have this cleaned just before treatment.

For any questions please contact us or call us at (704)922-5500!